Goal Setting: You Are Too Legit to Quit

It’s the second week into 2019 and many of us are already realizing our goals are a lot more difficult and less shiny than they appear on our nicely curated vision boards. Here are thing we’re taking into this new year to help our visions and goals be as legit as we are.

1. Narrow your scope and focus

Trying to accomplish 20 things at the same time is a surefire to crash and burn before you even take off. I learned this lesson the hard way when I for sure thought I could develop curriculum, improve classroom organization, increase parent-teacher relationship, work out, date, see friends, travel, and still run a photography business. Whew!

Narrow your focus to 1-3 big intentions so that you can focus your efforts on succeeding and fine-tuning those goals and dreams.

2. Turn those dreams into actions.

A dream becomes a goal when we put actions behind it. Think of actionable, measurable steps you can take that will lead you towards your desired outcome. Oh! And don’t forget a reasonable deadline. Nothing lights a fire under my feet like the pressure of a deadline.

Once your actions are listed, review them? Are they observable and measurable? Are they realistic and attainable? If so, you’re on your way!

3. Get yourself an accountability partner.

Now, here’s the key piece: get an accountability partner. Link up with someone who is going to push you, chastise you, encourage you, and celebrate with you! Someone who will brainstorm when you’re stuck and praise you when you accomplish what you set out to do. No incremental action towards your dream is too small to celebrate.

4. Adjust and fine tune as needed

Do a gut check. What’s holding you back from accomplishing your goal? What are you fears and worries? Flush ‘em out all. Sometimes, things seem scarier until we talk them out and release the power they have over us. Once you’ve generated your list, examine it? Do anything of these fears have credence? If so, build action steps to mitigate them. If not, laugh in their face, knowing you have everything to gain.

5. Celebrate your successes.

Lastly, celebrate. We live in a society that operates on running ourselves ragged without experiencing any of the feelings of accomplishment. Take some time to truly reward yourself for pushing through and doing what’s best for you.

There you have it, my friends! Tips to get you in the zone to take on your world. Let me know how I can help cheer you on along the way. In the meantime, be blessed.


Musical Inspiration: “2 Legit 2 Quit” by MC Hammer



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