Parkway and Pennsauken Engagement Session |Alicia and Glenn

“Bridging Cities, Bridging Hearts”

Today is GAME DAY, and I’m over the moon excited to celebrate with one of the cutest couples to ever step on the scene: Alicia and Glenn.

Coming a long way from the harsh chill and wind of winter for their engagement session, these two are now bringing the heat to their wedding day today July 26, 2020. But before I can share all that goodness, we’re going to indulge in these beautiful images.

Black couple standing on steps of Philadelphia Museum of Art, smiling at camera. By Tonjanika Smith Photography

Seen what I mean? Looking like VIPs.

We actually started their session in Pennsauken, New Jersey at Pennsauken High School, bringing us back to the intention of their relationship: collaboration and serving as together. While Glenn may coach on the field, Alicia also coaches in the classroom. They both know what it means to use each other’s strengths to build a winning team. And winning are they! We cannot get enough! Using each other as warmth, checking for blowing hair, and moving together made the session go quickly despite the wind whipping around us. It was like a date under the Friday Night Lights!

Left side, Black woman and Black man - a couple, are smiling at each other in coordinating jerseys. Right side, Black woman kisses Black man while he holds a football with Game Day and July 26, 2020 on it.  By Tonjanika Smith Photography

Our second stop was the Philadelphia Museum of Art along the Parkway, in the city that brought them together. They stepped out looking like they needed a whole entourage. I couldn’t handle it. At the foundation of their relationship is Christ and the love they have for the community, and it was important to honor the communities that they served.

Black couple sharing laugh, By Tonjanika Smith Photography
Black woman shows off engagement ring. Black man on left admires and points to her ring. On right side, couple is snuggling noses while Black woman has ring towards camera. By Tonjanika Smith Photography

All of the obstacles couldn’t stop this day from happening, and I cannot wait to document these two proclaiming their love for each other and watch them celebrate into the next chapter of their lives.

Enjoy these beautiful images recapping their engagement. Glenn and Alicia, happy wedding day!

Black couple seated in bleachers with 07 and 26 on back of jerseys. By Tonjanika Smith Photography
Black couple holding each other while seated in middle of football field. By Tonjanika Smith Photography
Black couple walking football field with 07 and 26 on front of jerseys. By Tonjanika Smith Photography
Black couple seated in bleachers with 07 and 26 on front of jerseys. By Tonjanika Smith Photography

Song Inspiration: “Mo’ Better” by Raheem DeVaughn



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