I’m in Love with My Portfolio Album

Friends. It is here. My first portfolio album. [cue squeals]



Let me tell you. There is nothing like having your work printed, especially in a beautiful album. Nope. Nothing.

I haven’t felt this happy for a book since 9 year old me visited the Scholastic Book Fair and my mom said, “Pick out whatever you want.”


Looking at this album, there is such a wave of pride and feeling of accomplishment. I am proud of the work that I have done so far, and the feeling of seeing it printed in a tangible form cannot be fulfilled through viewing solely digitally. Being able to feel the textured leather, turn the thick pages, and run my fingers over the details of the images…I’m in love.

I am excited to share it with you now, and I cannot wait to see how my work improves in the future.


Musical Muse:

“Can’t Stop Loving You” – B. Reith



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