Fairmount Park | Ronique: Girl in Bloom

Y’all. Would you believe that a client made me cut my hair? Like for real. Would you? Wellllllll, have I got a story for you.

This all begins with Ronique.



As intelligent as she is beautiful, Ronique came to me to celebrate a milestone birthday. I was so excited to collaborate and help create a session that would highlight her and all the special ways she cultivated and celebrated being a woman.

The session was titled Girl in Bloom, aiming to showcase her inner quirky as well as her quiet, emerging fiery spirit. As a fellow introvert, I am always excited to help others relax in front of the camera.


Anyways, during our initial consultation, Ronique mentioned, “Oh, and I want to highlight how I cut all my hair off.”

Wait. Come again.

With makeup professionally done by Omoege, Ronique brought it all in her corresponding dresses and flowers at the Shofuso Japanese Tea House and Garden in Fairmount Park. We juxtaposed the colors of the dresses to represent the aspects of her womanhood, from bright and lively to bold and sexy. Breathtaking, natural, and electric. I still get chills looking back at these photos.

Seeing Ronique embrace all of her femininity outside the constructs of hair was refreshing. Liberating (especially since it drizzled during this session off and on).  Newly inspired, I took my braids out and chopped my hair off less than two weeks later. When confronted with the possibility that I wouldn’t like it, I remember her lasting words: “It’s hair. It’ll grow back.”

There you have it!

You too can catch up Ronique’s wisdom, hair adventures, and life musings on her blog: She’s Quiet Confident.

Musical muses:

“Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange

“Private Party” by India.Arie



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