East Falls, Philadelphia | Kingdom Business Brunch

I recently had the amazing opportunity to document the Kingdom Business Brunch, held at Jovan O’Connor Studio. It was hosted by Marlo Brinson, who was able to bring together 125 attendants, including local artists, designers, community figures, and business owners.


“Building Together” was a theme that reverberated around the venue as local entrepreneurs traded best practices and exchanged industry ideas. Awe and admiration was palpable as inspiration flowed as much as the (non-alcoholic) mimosas.



The venue looked amazing as well. The lower level featured vendors with their collections and services while the upper level hosted the delicious brunch and speaker series. This set up allowed people to move freely from one space to another, either attending a talk or shopping and networking on the lower level.

I am so honored to have attended as well as documented this occasion. Capturing moments on video as well as on stills, I’m so excited that I get to share a snippet of that joy here.

Who knows, maybe I will meet you at this next Kingdom Business Brunch.





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