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They Call Me Ms. Smith | How I Became a Teacher. Again.

So, it’s been over a year since I left the classroom. Not a day had gone by without a bit of my heart aching for the children I left. I needed a year for clarity. I was looking for a sign, and to be honest, I wanted to be sure that this was what I […]


Love is Like Pi(e)

When I was a teacher, I LOVED Pi day. 3/14 was my favorite day in the academic calendar (you know, after all of the vacation days). I lived for this moment, and my kids also knew it meant they would each be getting a miniature pie during class and temporary tattoos. I geeked out. My kids ate. […]

Philadelphia Multicultural Photographer Magic Gardens

Spring Cleaning My Mind

I had just missed another one of my self-proposed goals when I realized I was over it. “Ready to fast forward the next 4-5 years,” I typed, unamused, on my phone before tossing it on the table—lightly though, because it doesn’t have a case (#riskybusiness). I had big goals, big plans, and I just couldn’t […]


2017 Goals + Dreams

Happy New Year! If you are reading this, I hope your first day has been filled with optimism and love. I am back from Florida, which means it is time to get back to work…in the cold. While visiting family, with a few raps of my pen and a handful of twizzlers from my mom’s […]

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