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Goal Setting: You Are Too Legit to Quit

It’s the second week into 2019 and many of us are already realizing our goals are a lot more difficult and less shiny than they appear on our nicely curated vision boards. Here are thing we’re taking into this new year to help our visions and goals be as legit as we are. 1. Narrow […]


New Year, New Playlist

One of my new year traditions is creating a playlist to encompass the music that will drive my inspiration and aspirations. This music speaks to my soul: a bit of gospel here, a little jazz here, and everything in between. Check out my playlist HERE! What are songs are propelling you to greatness in the […]


Things You May Not Know About Me

What’s on your bucket list/life list? Some of the highlights include: Dance with a flash mob Visit every continent (3 down!) Write a book. Attend a full fledge ball (Brandy as Cinderella has fueled this dream my entire life) Learn to play spades (Any volunteers?) What do you like on your pizza? Bacon. Do you […]


New Year, Better Me

I look at 2018 as many of us look upon an upcoming year—as a chance at redemption. A chance to get it right *this time.* When thinking about 2017, I easily slipped into overanalyzing all of my mistakes and failures. I mourned the loss of opportunities and grew critical regarding missed deadlines.  In my fury, […]

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