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Black woman sits in chair, laughing in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia.

Carefree Fairmount Park Portrait Session | Samelle

“I hope you don’t my mind…” Samelle led with as she inquired about my life as teacher and photographer. Her genuine curiosity coupled with her sweet demeanor made it easy for me to forget that I was the one photographing her! This was always what we loved about her; Samelle had a way of making […]


University City | NSP Presents “Hallelujah”

This past weekend, I had so much fun fellowshipping and photographing the NSP Gospel Choir spring concert at the Iron Gate Theatre in Philadelphia. While an annual event, it is always amazing to see students, families, and alumni come together to enjoy praise and worship. The choir immediately started a party by encouraging the audience […]


Jesus + Photography | Why I Photograph NSP Gospel Concerts

When I was an undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, I struggled with finding my “place.” I felt so othered as everyone found their niche of friends, their squad. This feeling was nothing new, of course. However, being in college and away from family made a bit more difficult to confront and overcome.  My freshmen […]