Ask the Expert: Vegan Chef/Baker Chef Chicoye

Beyoncé and Jay Z issued the challenge to go vegan in 2019. But can we really do it? Especially for a wedding? Does the food actually taste good?

Here is Chef Chicoye of Buku Vegan to share her insights for couples ready to make this lifestyle change (or at least consider it)!

Chef Chicoye recommends doing your research and deciding for yourself—not just because someone else told you to do it—explaining that lifestyle changes shouldn’t be considered restrictions, but rather gains. “You have to expand your mind…and your tastebuds.”

I can vouch for the fact that not all vegan foods are created equal, and *this* was EVERYTHING and more (one of the perks of interviewing a chef is FREE SAMPLES).

For more information on vegan and plant-based meals and desserts, check out Chef Chicoye on Instagram: @chef.chicoye and @bukuvegan

Musical Inspiration: “Candy Rain” by Soul for Real



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