Ask the Expert: Make-up Artist Meghan Jester

As wedding season approaches, Meghan of Meghan Jester / Makeup Artist is here to help us make sure our faces are camera ready for the big day! Here are some of her top tips to make sure we look and feel #flawless. 

1. Hire a Professional

Even if you wear little to no make-up on a daily basis—or if you’re used to full glam—you want to hire a professional to make sure your make-up is polished and looks as good as possible. Wedding photographs are meant to last a lifetime, so bring your a-game.  

Meghan applying to Bria’s face. This is the one serious picture in a sea of laughs.

2. Schedule a Trial 8 – 12 weeks before your wedding day

You should book your artist between 10 – 12 months before your wedding date and then follow up with a trial around 8 weeks before your day! This allows you to be in the season to account for sun exposure and changes in skin quality. Your complexion will change and your skin can go from dry to oily between the seasons.

If your artist recommends any skin care, having a trial allows your skin to have time to adjust to new products as well as flag any reactions.

But I actually cannot deal with how fierce Bria is.

3. Start a skin care regimen and communicate any concerns with your make-up artist

Start a good skin care regimen with plenty of time for your skin to adjust to the routine and products used. Seeing a dermatologist or esthetician with a few facials before the wedding day will give your skin the smoothness and hydration needed for the best make-up application.

Right before application, your skin should be freshly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized.

Yes. Smiling with the eyes.

4. Bring a lip color and blotting papers or powder compact for touch-ups

While a professional will have everything needed, it is recommended to bring a lip color to coordinate with the look approved during the trial. Between kissing, eating, drinking, talking, your lip color will begin to fade and will need to be touched up throughout the 12 hour day. You can also bring blotting papers and a powder compact in order to reduce the shine if your skin gets oily throughout the day.

Ultimately, it’s about you looking and feeling your best, and we hope these tips help you best prepare for one aspect of your wedding day! For more information on professional application and healthy skin care, check out Meghan at www.meghanjester.com and on Instagram @meghanjestermakeup

Meghan, you truly are a gift, and Bria, you have a beautiful soul. I cannot wait to spend more time with you lovely ladies and support your mission to showcase inner and outer beauty. Much love.



Music Inspiration: “Green & Gold” and “Unstoppable” by Lianne La Havas



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