Ask the Expert: Branding Sessions with Career Coach Chantel Walton

Hi there, friends. While I’m known for talking about all things weddings and families, I personally love planning and hosting branding sessions for small business owners and creatives.

I recently collaborated with Chantel Walton, a career coach who specializes in helping you self-actualize the career of your dreams based on your unique skills and passions. Yes, ma’am.

I’m so excited to have Chantel share her insights on branding herself and her experience with a branding session. I’ll let her take it away…

You’re at a career pivot point or starting a new business. You use Instagram fairly often but there’s no real purpose behind your posts. Maybe you post pictures of food, your travels, and share adventures with your following, but what value are you adding?

If you haven’t peeped game by now, IG is a tool for POSITIONING YOURSELF. If you’re not tapping into your unique skills and leveraging this space to build a personal brand, you’re playing yourself.

I got crystal clear on the how my skills and interests connect and have planted my flag in the workforce development space. And then I booked a branding session with Tonjanika Smith to reinforce it. We took some shots at the intersection of lifestyle and business photography and I loved the session because it gave me a chance to really focus on what value I’m providing and how I could showcase that value in a meaningful way.

There you have it! A branding session may be right for you if you’d like:

  • a personalized strategy designed to make sure your truth is seen and heard
  • a revamp of your current presence
  • a way of sharing yourself with your clients

It’s a party for you and your business. Why not have fun?

If you’re ready to take yourself to the next level but not quite sure where to start, first talk to Chantel. She will help you uncover your strengths and help you build a brand that complements you (get that clarity call now). Afterwards, contact me for an amazing session, and we’ll get to work!



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